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March 19, 2014 11:56 am Other Jewelry , ,

I have neglected this site for far too long – sorry. I feel that I need to step it up a gear and really make something of this site while I currently have the motivation.

So the main reason for this post is that while I love making my own jewelry, I also really love receiving jewelry too 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised when last night my long term boyfriend gave me this gorgeous pink heart ring for my birthday.

pink heart ring

pink heart ring

I think it is just perfect and it looks even better on my finger. The site that he bought it from is actually a promise ring shop. What’s a promise ring I hear you asking? I had no idea either, but according to their website –

A promise ring is similar to an engagement ring, although it does not represent an impending marriage. Promise rings are said to represent the promise to love each other, or to stay together.

So there you go! Apparently I am loved, but not about to get married any time soon :p

To be fair, this ring was only $99 and my dream engagement ring is a lot more expensive.

Have you ever heard of a promise ring before? Should I be worried that he chose one and not something different, or am I being a little neurotic? No matter – I am happy as a clam and think it is the prettiest thing ever!

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